Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Button Earrings


Here at Kirsten’s Corner, we find buttons particularly charming. They remind us of warmth and coziness—a loved one reminding us to “button up” our coats before we go out into the cold, or a beloved grandparent telling a child that they are “cute as a button.” A button fastens two elements together, attaching them safely and securely to each other. They are tiny but strong, and almost always adorable. 

Part of our “Cute as a Button” collection—which typically features figural buttons—these earrings were made from actual 14k gold vintage buttons! The buttons have three dimensional ridges and gold threading as their center focal points. They have a rich, Florentine texture and are playful with a Pop Art edge. We added 14k gold post backs to convert these unique buttons into a pair of one-of-a-kind earrings 

Each button is approximately 1/2” across, and together they weigh 5.7 grams. For pierced ears. 

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