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Signature 14K Gold Swallow Earrings With Pear-Shaped Yellow Sapphires


This is a lovely pair of Victorian era-inspired 14 karat swallow earrings with a hanging pear-shaped pale yellow sapphire gemstone. These earrings are artisan quality, designed by the artist Cindy Kolodziejski of Kirsten's Corner. Cindy has extensive knowledge of antique jewelry and is inspired by Victorian era symbolism, craft and materials. These earrings are inspired by the art and high quality craftsmanship of Victorian era jewelry.  

In Victorian era language, the swallow is a tender creature, known as the bird that mates for life, making this the quintessential symbol of eternal love. This very romantic pair of earrings are stylized in form, with the bird having long angel-like wings and a body of slender lines and curves. 

The swallow's body measures about 3/4" by 1/2" in size. Each sapphire hangs from the mouth of the bird and is set into a four prong open back, letting light shine through. The earrings have nice movement, with swaying sapphires that reflect beams of light. The sapphires are eye clean and have a nice pear-shaped symmetry. They each measure 6.2mm x 4mm x 2.5 mm and together have .8 sapphire carat weight. The suttle tones of the yellow sapphire pick up and compliment the gold of the earrings. The earrings are pierced backs and hook safely to close.

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