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14K Gold Ancient Coin Ring with Coin of King Agrippa I


This 14k gold ring features an ancient coin that was minted in Jerusalem in 42 A.D.  The coin was minted during the reign of Herod Agrippa I—the grandson of Harod the Great—who ruled over the entire country that is now Israel and Northern Transjordan. The face of the coin has three branches of wheat, representing the third generation of the Herodian dynasty. (The far right branch of wheat is worn down but still visible.) The coin also contains the Greek letter “L” in the lower left corner, as well as the name Agrippa written in Greek. The ring’s setting is open so that the back side of the coin can be seen through the bottom of the ring. The back of the ring contains a royal fringed umbrella-like canopy. The coin has a beautiful darkened patina that creates shadowing around the branches of wheat and makes a striking contrast to the 14k gold bezel setting. 

Agrippa I was the last king of Judea, and played a crucial role in Roman politics. He continued massive building projects like the Third Wall and the Temple Mount Complex. 

We love the size of this ring—it is small enough to fit a woman’s hand and looks great when worn. This is a handmade piece, which is evident in the workmanship on the back of the ring. The ring was most likely bought on a tourist’s trip to Jerusalem, and brought home as a cherished souvenir.  

The ring measures 3/4” x 5/8” and weighs 8.92 grams. It acid tests as 14k gold. 

Ring size 6.75, this ring could be sized up or down a size.

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