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12K Gold Victorian Fly Locket with Turquoise, Pearl and Ruby


This beautiful 12 karat gold locket is a wonderful example of the superb craftsmanship and love for the symbolic during the Victorian era. The locket features a fly decorated with turquoise gemstones, seed peals and rubies. It has been made with much care, and placed at the center of an architecturally shaped locket that opens from the back. In the Victorian language the fly is a symbol of humility. The back has some nice etching work, a combination of engine-turned work and hand-made patterns. Wavy lines and crescent moons, a symbol of spirituality and femininity, decorate the back. The locket does close well, but there is some wear from opening and closing during so many years. From the locket hangs a larger ruby and some curling gold work that has been entirely hand-made. This piece is quite special, and you can feel this when worn. There is space in its interior for two special items because it is a double glass locket. At the top, a lovely bale that is shaped like a folded leaf connects the locket to the chain.

The fly measures just under 1/2 an inch and is made out or sterling silver, the locket measures 1-1/4 inches x 1 inch and with the dangling ruby and gold ornamentation the locket measures 2-1/2 inches. The turquoise gemstones measure approximately 1.3 and 1.8mm each; the ruby eyes of the fly provide a bright deep pink spark that accentuate the hanging multi-faceted round ruby at The locket weighs 8.3 grams.

This Victorian locket is a rare and delicate piece, a wonderful piece of jewelry to add to any antique collection. It is ready for a chain and we can help you as there are many unique chains on our site.

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