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12K Gold Etruscan Revival Reversible Drop Earrings


These are a truly unique pair of 12k gold Etruscan Revival reversible drop earrings. The drops are detachable, with two beautiful and differing designs. One side has a scrolling gold cutout and more of a gothic feel. The other side has tiny hand engraved, delicate flowers surrounded by floral elements and a highly detailed border. The top portion of these earrings are architectural and have the original wires. They measure a little more than 1 1/2 inches from top to bottom and together weigh 2.9 grams. 

These earrings are part of the Etruscan Revival period in jewelry design, dating to the 1880s. In the early 1800s there was a large excavation of Etruscan tombs outside of Rome. Within these tombs were pieces of original Etruscan jewelry. The Etruscans were master artisans, they created breathtaking pieces of jewelry through their use of gold wire and beading. The news of the excavation of these tombs, and the treasures contained inside them, spread throughout Europe. Etruscan Revival jewelry quickly rose to popularity during the Victorian Era and jewelers created their own versions of these ancient pieces.

This unique and versatile pair of earrings would make an amazing gift or addition to your jewelry collection!

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