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Victorian 10K Gold Scottish Hard Stone Buckle Bracelet


A stunning antique Scottish bracelet set with cut and polished agate, carnelian  and bloodstone panels; orange, ochre, grey and dark green in color. The piece has a central octagon shaped panel of carnelian. Flanking the carnelian is buckle motif with hand chased details in the gold. The bracelet consist of hinged segments in gold that have inlaid hard stones in a variety of earth tones. 

It measures 7" has a box clasp with a beautiful hand chased panel and a safety chain. It weighs 36 grams. The piece was recently bloomed in 18K gold giving it a bright fresh look.  It is unmarked but acid tests to be 10K gold. There is a small repair where there is evidence of solder to the outside edge of the octagonal panel with the carnelian stone, but it does not distract from the beauty of the piece and is an old repair. Otherwise this piece is in very good condition.  

Scottish Jewelry is an offshoot of Antique Victorian Jewelry. After Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased Balmoral Castle in the woodlands of Scotland, Scottish motifs began to enter English culture. Known as "Scottish pebble jewelry" it became very popular. The stones in these pieces were found in Scottland.

This piece dates to 1880.

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