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Victorian 10K Gold Lord’s Prayer Charm


This 10k gold Victorian charm offers on one side a hand-engraved shield with the initials “J.C.” and “1885” written in scrolling font. The shield is surrounded by detailed, bright engravings that create a background texture with a lovely patina. The overall shape of the pendant is a truncated rectangle with a built-in gold frame. The antique gold has a beautiful rosy hue.

On the back of the pendant, the “Our Father” prayer is engraved in its entirety, in a charmingly tiny font. The pendant can bring protection and comfort to its wearer, and rubbing the engraved poem between your palm and thumb—akin to a worry stone—can be a form of silently saying a prayer and sending it up to the heavens. This little talisman could bring powerful peace of mind to whoever wears it around their neck. 

The pendant weighs 2 grams and is approximate 3/4” by 5/8”. The circular bail, which is original to the piece, is 6.1mm. The chain seen in the picture is also available for purchase through Kirsten’s Corner. 

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