Kirsten's Corner

10K Gold Engine-Turned Mourning Locket with Braided Hair

This mourning jewelry locket is a real gem. It can be opened easily with a snapping button that releases the lid and reveals the inscription in cursive hand-writing from 1845. GWCL West is the name engraved on the top and behind original bevelled glass is a generous brown haired woven braid. The hair has been kept impeccably behind the thick glass. The edge of the medallion locket has a foliage scrolling pattern with floral details. The top and bottom has been engine turned and has a nice textured pattern. The medallion measures approximately 1-1/4 inches and with the decorative bale up top the piece of Mourning Jewelry is approximately 1-3/4 inches.  It has been acid tested to 10K but remains unmarked. The locket weighs 13.5 grams and is in great condition for its age. It hangs beautifully from a golden chain as pictured here, sold separately through Kirsten's Corner. A fine example of a Mourning era piece of jewelry, perfect for an antique collection.

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