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Victorian 10K Gold Diamond Ruby and Sapphire Fly and Arrow Brooch


This Victorian brooch contains a plethora of diamonds and gemstones in a variety of beautiful antique cuts. Shaped like an arrow, and topped with a gemstone-encrusted fly, the brooch is an unusual combination of Victorian motifs. The thorax of the fly is an impressive diamond: a rounded triangle shaped Old Mine Cut that glows against the brooch’s patina. The fly’s abdomen is a natural sapphire and its eyes consist of two ruby cabochons. The wings of the fly, as well as the arrow itself, contain a combination of Old Mine Cut, Old European Cut, and Rose Cut diamonds. Each stone is unique, and together in this brooch, they make a collection that expresses the range of beauty that can be found in antique diamonds. 

Insects were a popular motif in the Victorian era—the fly, in particular, is said to be a symbol of mortality. The arrow is a symbol of triumph. Combined, these symbols can be interpreted as triumph over death or adversity and good luck in moving forward. 

The brooch is made of 10k gold and topped with silver. There are 34 diamonds total. The triangular center diamond is 4 x 4 mm; the diamonds in the wings and arrow range from 2.75-2 mm. The brooch contains 1.25 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are J-K-L in color, SI in clarity. The natural sapphire is 5.1 x 4 mm; it equals .4 of a carat. The brooch weighs 6.41 grams. It is 2 5/8” x 1/2”. 

The brooch looks perfect on a blazer. It also can be strung on a chain and worn as a pendant. This is a lovely piece that will always point you in the right direction. 

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