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Whimsical White Metal Vintage Charm Bracelet

This fantastic and fun charm bracelet features over 50 unique charms, all individually arranged to create a one-of-a-kind vintage flair! The many charms one can find on this bracelet include an antique telephone, a Japanese style fan, a tree of life, a portrait of a young man, a purse, a palm tree, a football, a cornucopia, a young girl, a puppy, a teddy bear, and the list goes on....each charm measures approximately 7/8 of an inch. The chimes emitted from this bracelet are really great; when the bracelet is worn the hollow metal charms will play a lively tune by knocking against each other. This bracelet measures 8 inches, which is a generous size for any wrist. Because there are so many charms there are many options as to where one can fasten the bracelet, so it is a very adaptable size. A perfect vintage item for any collection. A conversation starter, perfect for anyone who loves to collect charms!

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