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Weller-Sicard Ceramic Chrysanthemum Pattern Vase


This is a spectacular Weller-Sicard collaboration, an iridescent ceramic vase with the chrysanthemum pattern. At the turn of the century, Weller hired Sicard to come from France to work on some designs with him in the United States. Sicard did not stay long, only seven years, making the Weller-Sicard ceramics quite rare and sought after.

At the time, Sicard's glazes were quite difficult to accomplish, his fired pieces were often too delicate, and his work was not profitable. Sicard was known for his "Reflects Metalliques", a complex reflective metallic glaze technique. The vase features a beautiful luster on the exterior and interior with a glaze that is of the most seductive.

The effects of this type of glaze create a "runny" or liquid look. The base of the ceramic vase has been ground down after firing and even the marks from how it sat on the kiln are present. This piece is in great condition. 

This vase appears to be unsigned but is a known Weller-Sicard pattern. It measures 7 inches tall and has a 3” diameter. The wall is about 3/16” thick. 

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