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Vintage Western Mexican Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

A lovely Mexican Sterling Silver bracelet with a varied collection of vintage charms that take on a Western or Southern theme. The bracelet is made up of solid chain links that hold over 30 small charms. A peace pipe, a sombrero, a horse shoe, a drum, a lasso, a book (with the words I love you inscribed in it), and a single agate stone, are some of the small objects that hang from the links. Agate is a protective and strengthening gemstone stone. Additionally, one of the charms is of the number 13, making it a lucky thirteen, perfect gift for someone wanting a special good luck charm! The bracelet has a nice feel to it, and weighs 89 grams, approximately 2 troy ounces. It measures 8 inches, a standard size for a bracelet. The dangling charms make a great sound when worn, adding character to this very unique bracelet. It is marked with the words Sterling, and Mexican in several places, but the all charms don't come from the same place as they were most likely gathered over time. The bracelet closes with a very secure box hinge. A great vintage item, with a wonderful collection of romantic Western charms, covered in good luck.

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