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14K Gold & Tourmaline Vintage Studio Artist Ring


A remarkable 14k statement ring featuring a large sugarloaf blue-green tourmaline cabochon.

The tourmaline stone is set in a rounded bezel that leads into a squared-off split ring shank. The split-ring design has a modernist flare, elevating the ring into sculptural art. 

The square shank is comfortable to wear, a design feature that helps hold the ring securely on the finger. The tourmaline stone is 30 plus carats and has some inclusions that give the piece visual texture. The stone changes tone, from deep blue-green to a light tone, when backlit.

This ring is made by a studio artist, with the markings “TBB" on the inner shank. 

The entire ring weighs 29.5 grams and it will fit a size 6. This special ring makes a wonderful gift or addition to your jewelry collection. A stunning studio artist piece Circa 1970-80’s. 

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