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Vintage Sterling Silver Heavy Curb Link Charm Bracelet


This vintage sterling silver curb link charm bracelet has eight finely crafted sterling silver charms, some dating as far back as the Victorian era. A dynamic piece with good weight (70 grams), it makes makes a nice chiming sound when worn about. The chain is heavy curb link and measures about 8mm in width. It has the makers mark “RGS”, the London lion’s head, and the date letter “I” for 1964.

The heart padlock is sterling silver and has markings that include the Birmingham anchor, the letter “F” dating it to 1955, and the lion sterling silver mark. It's great because it operates as a clasp but then also wears like an additional charm.

This bracelet comes with a variety of sterling silver charms that have interesting articulation as well as different symbolic meaning. There is a Victorian era bloodstone swivel with red flecks that add a pop of color (it has small chip but it’s not noticeable alongside the other charms).

For articulated pieces, there’s a gene’s lamp (it opens and closes), a spider with a little web making machine inside its stomach, and a bagpipe that opens and features a little dancing person inside. There is also a 1934 3 pence coin, a Victorian tassel, a cart, and a little silver elephant. Each of these charms have amazing details and craftsmanship.

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