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Vintage Mon Repos Glass Tablet Intaglio Pendant with 14K Gold Chain


A curious square shaped, amber colored glass charm with a tablet engraving that reads in French: "toujours agite, jamais abattu". These words were the family motto of Vincent Perdonnet (1768-1850) who lived in the villa called Mon Repos in Lausanne, Switzerland. Overlooking Lake Geneva, the majestic villa and park has a long and fascinating history, as it was once a place where Voltaire staged plays and it also happened to be summer home for the wealthy Parisians. Parc Mon Repos later became the historical Headquarter of the Olympic Movement started by Coubertin in 1922 and active until the 1960s. 

The charm is uplifting, and we can translate the French motto to mean something like: always restless, but never down cast. Agitated, animated, never to be shot down.

The glass block charm measures approximately 1/2 x 1/4 x 3/8 inches. It was once nicely drilled to accommodate the chain that it comes with. The gold necklace is marked with 14K gold and measures approximately 15 inches around. This is a fascinating vintage piece, a rare find! The intaglio is in good shape with crisp detail to the text and the plant at center. A fine addition to any jewelry collection.



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