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Vintage Masonic Sterling Silver Pendant Charm or Fob

A curious Masonic pendant, made of sterling silver with lettering on blue enamel: "justice, truth, philanthropy". The back of the pendant has hallmarks for Birmingham, sterling silver, and the date letter for 1956. The maker is F & S or Fattorini & Son Ltd. The engraved text on the back is a dedicatory note for Donald Burns for his "services rendered", which is a curious note of unknown historical origin. The Hollies Pride Lodge was a Masonic Lodge in England, in the 1950's. The piece is 1.5 inches by 1 inch at its widest point. It weighs 11.5 grams. The front of the pendant features a chalice, and above it the letter C and W. The chalice is a symbol of intuition and psychic ability, for the Masons it was a powerful symbol, the Holy Grail. This item was most likely a medal, presented at a Masonic ceremony, honoring a member for their work. This piece makes a fine collectible, and a great conversation piece.

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