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Vintage Kieselstein-Cord Sterling Silver Woven Double Crocodile Necklace


A stunning Kieselstein-Cord sterling silver woven double crocodile necklace. This crocodile necklace weighs 77 grams or approximately 2 troy ounces, and is in great vintage condition. It is made up of twisted woven sterling silver thread that ends in crocodile heads. These two connect to each other through a silver ring that each crocodile grasps by its teeth. Each crocodile segment measures 1 inch and on the underside features maker's mark as well as a date mark of 1996 and a 925 silver mark. The necklace measures a total of 15 inches in length.

Kieselstein-Cord's crocodile designs were most iconic during the mid-nineties. His crocodile work was so well considered that his matching Alligator Trophy bag was exhibited in the Met Museum in New York and the Louvre in Paris. This necklace is a bold fashion item, perfect for a man or a woman. The necklace feels great when worn, is seductive with its sinuous lines and has a great contemporary design.

Kieselstein is an international luxury brand founded by designer Barry Kieselstein in 1972. His designs are inspired by the luxury of French ateliers under King Louis XIV, but they have a contemporary twist. His work has been photographed by Helmet Newton, collected by celebrities and been in collaboration with Calvin Klein. This necklace is an incredible find! A perfect gift for someone special.

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