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Vintage Earth Colored Jasper Bead Necklace

A beautiful speckled jasper gemstone bead necklace, hand knotted so that each round bead fits into place. The beads of this vintage necklace have been elegantly and subtly graduated. The vintage necklace is in great condition. Each jasper bead features a beautiful range of deep sea and earth colors, from blue to umber, or dark red, to yellow ochre to cream. The colors found in each bead are quite remarkable and the swirling lines formed by them are superb. Each bead contains as if all the natural colors of this earth and is splendidly saturated in color. The beads are polished, and soft to the touch. The necklace measures 19 inches around. The smaller beads are 6.6mm in size while the largest, worn at the center is 13.5mm. This speckled stone necklace has many healing properties as jasper is known to protect and restore the body. The necklace can worn in a variety of ways, as a double necklace or just once around. It is a lovely piece of jewelry to add an earthy touch or Bohemian look to any Springtime dress. In great vintage condition.

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