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Vintage British Sterling Silver Gate Bracelet with Heart Padlock Clasp


An elegant sterling silver gate bracelet featuring a heart padlock clasp. The bracelet is a nice vintage item, in great condition with a nice silver patina and feel. On the dangling heart padlock there is an assay mark, the silver quality and the city mark, as well as the maker's mark- B&S. This sterling silver piece was made in Birmingham, England, in 1975.

The bracelet features 6 rows of gate links giving it a nice width. The bracelet is solid and nicely made. The way it is made allows for the bracelet to have a nice curve that flows on the wrist. The end has a security chain, so that the bracelet won't fall off. The heart hooks on and latches on safely by pushing in the lever. There is a lock motif on the heart, symbolizing eternal love. The bracelet weighs 23.5 grams or .75 troy ounces. The bracelet is 3/4 of an inch wide by 7-1/2 inches around. A classic piece, makes a wonderful gift for a special someone any day, or as a Valentine. 

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