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Bohemian Vintage Tribal Jade Necklace


A beautiful Vintage tribal-style necklace with a touch of East-meets-West. The necklace origin is unknown but the craftsmanship on the jade and its chain appears to be from China or nearby. The necklace dates to between 1920-40, and is in great condition. It is made with a base metal that has a nice soft yellow color.

At one point it could have been gold plated, but it is not surprising that it is made of metal because at this time, tribal jewelry was often not made of gold. You can see the craftsmanship in the individual linking of the chains, where every detail is considered. 

This necklace is made of 9 hanging hollowed balls, with jade clusters, and the clasp at the end of the necklace has a carved jade flower as a detail. The jade takes on different greens and the selection is quite nice. It has not been dyed and it is natural jade. The necklace feels quite substantial, with much ornamentation that lays flat and nicely on the chest when worn. The necklace measures 15 inches around and the drop details hang about 2-1/2 inches down.

This piece is in great vintage quality. We have a matching pair of earrings, sold separately, available to wear as a set.  

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