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14K White Gold Vintage Blue Star Sapphire Ring

A beautiful star sapphire ring featuring a blue, soft gemstone on a white gold ring. The sapphire is in a six-prong setting; the tips of the white gold prongs shine whilst complementing the sapphire. The gemstone is approximately 7mm round in size and it has an open back so you can see its polish all around. The gemstone is approximately 2.6 carats.  It is milky and blue; the sapphire exhibits the classic and completely natural asterism phenomenon. When the light hits the gemstone a star appears on the center of the sapphire. This is a nice optical phenomenon that makes this piece even more lovely to wear in the daytime, enhancing any summer dress. The ring is a size 5-1/2 but can be re-sized easily. It is marked 14K on the interior of the band. This ring is a lovely vintage piece, in great condition.

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