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Vintage 9K Gold Buckle Ring with Paisley Pattern

This vintage ring features a highly ornamented belt buckle along a smooth and minimalist gold band ring. The band is soft and yellow, and only at one point is the design interrupted by organic swirling lines that are reminiscent of paisley-patterning that decorates the buckle. This paisley design became a British classic through Oscar Wilde's flamboyant outfits, and later again it was brought back by the Beatles when they were in their eastern influenced musical phase.  Although this ring has a nice vintage look, it also is a fantastic contemporary-looking ring, with a timeless design. The ring has a city mark of London, and the date letter inside the band indicates this ring is from 1962. It is marked 9ct, and is made for a ring size of a little over 10. It could be a fantastic unisex ring, that has some nice wear to it, which makes this ring easy to wear as it is soft, and made of rounded edges. The ring weighs 4.3 grams and has a good solid feel. It is a British vintage item, a nice piece to add to any collection, for everyday wear.

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