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Vintage 23K Gold Handmade Thai Baht 22" Chain


A luscious handmade chain necklace comprised of 23k small, sturdy, hollow bars of gold that lock into each other seamlessly. The structure of the necklace is fluid creating movement that resembles liquid gold. The tones of 23k gold are rich and buttery creating a full and luxurious effect. 

Because 23k gold is soft, it takes on a unique patina that enhances its warmth and glow over time. The softness of 23k gold also allows for an elegant clasp system, gently opening and closing with tension to secure the necklace. This piece measures 22" from end to end and weighs 15.2 grams. The links measure 2mm by 3 mm.

In Thailand, gold baht jewelry is gifted at all stages of ones life, as a financial investment that can also be worn. “Baht” is the Thai word for their currency, and this type of jewelry is treated as both a precious metal, a gift, and an investment that can be exchanged for money. Baht jewelry usually contains 96.5% gold purity which is about 23 karat weight; it is durable, yet soft enough to be shaped and delicately crafted; it can be worn everyday without tarnishing, having  a striking deep yellow tone.

If you love this necklace, we have another almost identical chain with shorter links and a shorter chain length pictured here and on our website. Both chains look stunning on their own or layered together. 

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