Kirsten's Corner

Vintage 22K Gold Sun-Shaped Ring with Topaz Cabochon


There is a striking minimalistic design to this vintage modernist 22K gold ring, which has a front plaque with hard, scalloped, edges that resemble the shape of a cutout, futuristic sun. The rich amber topaz cabochon creates the effect of sunshine on your finger, giving a warm confidence to this piece.

The 22K gold has a brushed surface featuring a nice patina from years of gentle wear. The ring size is 7 1/2, and the band measures 1/8 of an inch deep by 3/8 of an inch at its widest point. The amber topaz is 2 1/2 carats surrounded by a bezel setting, and it measures 8mm by 10.5 mm. The plaque is 3mm thick, and is 20mm by 17.5 mm at its widest point. The weight of the piece is 9.55 grams.

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