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Vintage 22K Gold, Double Woven Indian Necklace

A beautiful, solid and double woven 22 karat yellow gold Indian necklace. The necklace is marked 22k on the clasp and has been acid tested. It has a spectacular weave of hand linked boxy chains that are combined to make a double-extra thick-patterned chain.
Indian jewelry is known for its high quality craftsmanship and is often a vibrant and bold yellow- this is due to the high content of gold; in this case 22 karats. The necklace works well on its own because it is both intricate and understated, although a charm or pendant could be added easily. The necklace is 19 inches around, and has a perfectly functioning clasp at the end. Bright and bold, this double woven gold chain is an excellent vintage item, made in the 1980s. It weighs 13.2 grams

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