Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Vintage 14K Gold Rectangular Link Chain

A sturdy and slender rectangular link chain made in 14 karat yellow gold. The chain measures 16-1/2 inches in length, with each thin rectangular link measuring 3mm in size. The links have been carefully constructed, and although the chain looks delicate it is quite sturdy and strong because of the angular shapes it is composed of.  The chain is marked with 14K at the clasp, which is in perfect working condition. This chain is 3.6 grams in weight and has a nice comfortable feel. It is ready to wear with the charms of your choice. We have many charms available in Kirsten's Corner. Alternatively, wear it just as is! Add an elegant gold touch to any daytime or evening dress. This is a perfect unisex item. Circa 1980.

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