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Vintage 14K Gold Asian Themed Charm Bracelet


Suspended along a double flattened link charm bracelet are five adorable charms: a Buddha, an articulated fish, a pagoda, a junk boat, and an abacus. Each charm is uniquely detailed—the fish has ruby-colored glass eyes and links between its scales that allow its body to move from side to side; the tiny beads of the abacus are movable; the delicate wiring of the junk boat creates the effect of wind catching its sails. There is even a heart on the bracelet’s safety box clasp. 

We love a themed bracelet because it tells a story and makes for a cohesive collection of charms, but there is room on this bracelet to add charms of your own. 

All five charms are either marked or have been tested to be 14k gold. The piece weighs 20 grams and is seven and half inches long.

Circa 1980’s.

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