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10K Gold Propeller & Wings WW2 Medallion Charm or Pendant

This propeller and wing medallion is a WW2 collector's piece, made to identify aviation units of the United States military. It was first used as military insignia in 1920, and since then has been an identifiable symbol from this era. This 10 karat yellow gold medallion is approximately 1 inch in size; it weighs 2.7 grams and it is unmarked. The propeller has been beautifully made with bright-cut work and the wings are equally realistic and textured. This prop and wing symbol has been carefully created, and stands out as one of the most finest and detailed. The medallion has a nice finish, and almost brushed gold look. The symbol is well balanced and sits at the center of the circular medallion. It is soft to the touch and has a nice hand made look. This piece was most likely once worn by an air-force pilot, close to the heart. A lovely collectible vintage piece, sold as a medallion only. The gold chain is sold separately; we have many gold chains available through the store. 

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