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Victorian Revival Sterling Silver Snake Ring with Emeralds


This is a fantastic Victorian Revival sterling silver snake ring with emerald eyes. This contemporary ring is beautifully made, molded from an original Victorian ring and cast into silver form.  Crafted with the utmost care, the stones are antique and set in the Victorian era style. 

This ring is a pleasure to wear around the finger and the high relief snake, has two emerald eyes measuring about 1.5 mm each. The ring weighs 6.2g and it’s a size 5 3/4". The band measures 6.5 mm in width and the tip of the head to the back of the ring measures 3/4". The head and body of the snake is fully rendered with scales that add nice texture against the smooth polish of the bands. 

This ring is a perfect gift of love. The snake symbol is often found in jewelry and dates back to the Ancient Greek era. It was made very popular for eternal love by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in the mid 19th century. Because of its curling body and the knots, the snake has come to represent faithful romantic love and friendship. A fantastic item with a contemporary and classic look, this ring would make a great gift or addition to your jewelry collection! 

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