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Victorian Revival Garnet and Diamond 9K Gold Ring


A gorgeous garnet and diamond, Victorian Revival ring with distinctly geometric features, made in 9 karat yellow gold. The ring has a beautiful and ornate carriage that presents the three garnet gemstones in a row, with tiny diamonds in-between, highlighting the luminosity of the gems. It has some distinct Art Deco features, even before the height of this era: ornate organic motifs marry harder geometric shapes.

The ring has a carriage with a floral/foliage motif that contrasts against a hard-set gem arranged in a row. The single cut diamonds are surrounded with gold triangle shapes. The stylized edges are sharp and crisp. The garnets are are arranged according to their size, and very beautifully set by hand. The center garnet is 5.2 mm while the other two at either end are 4mm. They have a deep red color that is very seductive and eye-catching. The ring is marked on the interior of the band with a crown, 375 and a lion's head PSL td for Parkin Silversmiths Ltd. from Shefflied 1970- 1982 . The date letter is and E for 1972. The ring is size 7-1/2.

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