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Victorian Onyx, Gold, and Pearl Mourning Brooch

This stunning Victorian era mourning brooch is made from onyx and seed pearls. 4 milky white seed pearls are set into a gold symmetrical diamond and cross form, against a bright black piece of polished onyx. The backing of the brooch is 10 karats, the gold behind the pearls in also 10 karats but the pin is not. The brooch has a simple and contemporary design, but is a typical Victorian piece of jewelry worn in time of mourning and remembrance. It is a tasteful and solemn brooch, with beautiful gold bead details around the pearls. The pearls have a nice luminous pinky- white iridescent color. The brooch is in great condition. This brooch dates to the mid 1800s when mourning jewelry was becoming sophisticated. It was made fashionable by Queen Victoria in the late 19th Century and today is still a beautiful piece of jewelry, a nice detail to any evening dress. Mourning jewelry began because people wanted to remember their loved ones; black enamel is the hallmark of most mourning pieces. The brooch measures 1-5/8 inch x 1/2 inch. This brooch is a lovely token of remembrance.

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