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Victorian Mourning Locket with Eternal Hair Knot


This lovely piece of mourning jewelry from the Victorian era is a sentimental reminder of a loved one. This locket features braided hair fashioned into a circular eternal knot, with blonde and brown hair. The hair is framed under a rectangular piece of original bevelled glass, mounted on a gold filled back that was once a stick pin brooch. The part that was the stick pin has been converted into a bale, and today this antique item can be worn around a chain of your choice. The gold fill has some aging, as is to be expected (noticeable on the back), but the black enamel that surrounds the original antique glass is in perfect condition. This is a high quality piece of craftsmanship. The original pieces that remain on this jewelry are really impeccable, making this piece a rare find.

The locket measures 7/8 of an inch by 3/4 of an inch. This piece of antique jewelry is a wonderful piece of history.

Mourning jewelry was especially made in remembrance of a loved one, particularly in England. Mourning jewelry was popular in the mid 1800s before photography became readily available; since creating portraits of lost loves or family members were expensive, these alternative treasures were made so one could carry a small part of their loved one on their body.

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