Kirsten's Corner

Victorian Mechanical 14K Gold Cornucopia Charm


This a an adorable Early Victorian Mechanical 14K Gold Cornucopia Charm.  Hanging from an oval bail on a tiny chain is an intricate handmade cornucopia charm.  It is hinged and has a mechanical lid that opens and closes. The end scroll which widens into a curve coned cone is decorated with a black enamel swirls that wraps around the cornucopia. Some parts of the black enamel is lacking but the beauty is still intact. The piece has delicate engraved detail and a domed top that fits nicely.

Also know as a horn of plenty the cornucopia symbolizes abundance, a plentiful harvest, and an appreciation for both of these things.

This tiny treasure is 1.5 grams and measure 1 1/4" x 1" including the chain. It tests to be 14K gold. Circa 1860.

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