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Victorian Horse Shoe 14K Gold, Diamond & Ruby, Signature Necklace


A lovely purple ruby and bright diamond Victorian era horse shoe 14KT gold charm with chain. Victorians were avid wearers of horse shoes to bring in luck! This charm is a conversion from an antique stick pin; it is a signature piece available only in our store. 

The six rubies in this horse shoe are bead set, sharing a setting with the adjacent stone. The rubies have small inclusions which is normal and to be expected in natural rubies. They are set in the curving form of the shoe, alternating with the high table,  mine cut diamonds. Both the rubies and the diamonds measure approximately 1.3mm in size. There are a total of seven diamonds, (the number that the Victorians considered the luckiest of all) and a total of 13 stones in the entire horse shoe, (yet another lucky number appears here!)

The horse shoe is attached to a 14 karat yellow gold chain so that the shoe points up, holding in abundant energy and good luck. The horse shoe measures 1/2 x 3/4 of an inch, and the chain measures 7-1/2 inches at either said so the good luck charm falls nicely without movement. The chain is made in Italy and marked as such; it is a vintage piece added later to the Victorian horse shoe.  The setting of the gemstones is open back and on a high carriage; beautiful detail decorates the side of the horse shoe giving it additional dimensionality.  


This is a unique and beautiful Victorian piece from our signature collection.

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