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Victorian era 14KT Gold & Natural Coral Pendant with Chain

This Victorian natural coral and 14 karat gold pendant on a 14 karat gold chain is an enchanting piece of feminine jewelry. Made with natural pieces of pink coral, joined through hand-made wire work to create a floral bouquet, the organic form is set into a gold circular form that extends down and curls into what resembles a lover's knot. A lower gold form resembles a curling leaf, which folds into itself and back into a knot. From this lower gold form falls a tear shaped coral bead, heightening the sentimental nature of this piece, much played out during the reign of Queen Victoria. The gold is a bold yellow color, which contrasts nicely with the softer, pinkish hues of the coral. The pinks of the coral are all different, which adds to the natural hand-made qualities of this piece. The gold has some excellent bright-cut work, featuring floral, curling patters, swirling lines and organic motifs. This piece of jewelry dates back to the 1880's when coral was a much coveted and exotic item, exported from Italy all over Europe. In England coral beads were often used to make beautiful hand-made jewelry; coral was the most desired natural gemstone, of organic origin. The pendant measures approximately 1 x 1-1/2 inches and the chain is 20 inches long. This item is also available without the chain, for $150 less than stated price.

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