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Victorian Era 12K Gold & Black Enamel Architectural Earrings


This gorgeous pair of kinetic, 12 karat rose gold and black enamel earrings from the Victorian era feature sinuous lines, organic motifs and romance. Their architectural design give these earrings a symmetry that is quite attractive. The curling lines against the hard edges are reminiscent of architectural revival jewelry. The earrings showcase some fantastic details, such as black enamel work, hand-etching, and bright-cut work. These kinetic earrings have a lovely swing to them, with the dangling center leaf moving freely under the curling moon form just above.

Each earrings is approximately 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch wide. Each earring contains 3 tiny detail seed pearls. The earrings reveal the fine craftsmanship of the Victorian era and when turned around you can see some of the hand-made aspects of the earrings. Today, the enamel on these earrings is in good condition and the earrings wear nicely. Together, these earrings weigh 7 grams. Although these earrings are unmarked I have acid-tested them as 12kt gold.

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