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Victorian Domed Pave Turquoise 14K Gold Ring


This is a fabulous Victorian domed pave turquoise ring.  Having a wide band topped with a turquoise encrusted dome. The dome is sterling silver and has over 70 turquoise cabochons that are bead set in the dome.  The range of colors in the turquoise is beautiful, the cabochons are 2.5mm to 3.5mm each. There is some wear to a few of the turquoise cabochons, this is to be expected in a 120 year old ring.  The band is 14K gold and has a gently curve to its 6.65 width. The turquoise dome is mounted to a gold circle that is part of the ring. The combination of elements makes for a striking ring with a magical presence. 

It is an Austrian ring and has the 14K gold standard fox head hallmark (irregular hexagon) with the fox head facing to the left; the letter A to the left of it for Vienna.  It was made around 1900.  The interior of the band is engraved Ysi 16/8. 903.  The ring is a size 7 1/2" and weighs 9.2 grams

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