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Victorian Bohemian Garnet Flower Sterling Silver Gilt Earrings

A lovely wine red pair of clip on earrings featuring Bohemian garnet gemstones from the Victorian era. These earrings feature a 1/2 inch garnet cabochon at the center of a flower design; all around the cabochon are carefully set multi-faceted garnets that create an unforgettable luminosity. The red garnet gemstone is remarkable in color and very bold. The many faceted gemstones range from 4mm to 3mm in size. They encircle the larger and smoother cabochon shaped circular garnet. The earrings have beautiful hand-made qualities, and this you can admire when looking at the original backs of the earrings. They are unmarked but have been tested to sterling silver gilt. The clip on earrings are approximately 1 inch diameter. They are an original pair of antique Bohemian garnet earrings, very popular during the Victorian era and often gifted as a symbol of romantic love.

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