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Victorian-Era Big Cat Figural Watch Key Fob


This yellow metal Victorian-era watch key fob features a big cat, perhaps a lion or panther, sitting atop a round globe. The cat is on the prowl, stealthily hunting her prey; the realism of the structural element is so detailed that even the cat’s tiny tail can be seen wrapped around the bottom of the globe. The globe connects to a Corinthian capital, which feeds down to a watch key that winds.

The key’s globe was constructed by pressing two pieces of metal together in a mold, creating a hollow ball with delicate seam lines. It is in great condition for its age, but the globe has two small dents, one on each side. The key is made of yellow metal, and a 14k gold oval bail has been added so that it can be worn on a chain.

The key is 2 inches long and weights 3.5 grams. The oval bail is 7mm x 4mm.

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