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Victorian Banded Agate 9K Gold Round Stone Locket


This rare round, or egg shaped banded agate pendant that opens up to be a locket, is originally from Scotland. It is a Victorian era piece, in great condition for its age, no cracks to the stone or 9KT gold frame around the edge. Plenty of agate stone was found during the late 19th century in Scotland. It was Queen Victoria that made "pebble jewelry" or agate jewelry very popular after her first vacation in Scotland. Agate stone came to be the souvenir stone of the Queen, and soon it became a very fashionable amulet to be found all over the United Kingdom.

This pendant takes on a round polished egg form. The stone is deep black with a diagonal line of white at the center, dividing the circle into two halves. The locket seals shut and opens in half to reveal two circular spaces within which to place a small memento or photograph of your own. There is some nice gold wirework around the exterior gold part of the pendant. Currently there is Victorian-era hair inside of the locket, as was typical of mourning jewelry, but this can be easily replaced with something of your own. In the ring of gold around the space that one keeps personal tokens we can find Roman numeral markings: XVI.

The locket measures approximately 1 inch all around and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. This Victorian antique is quite rare and dates to the 1880's. It is 16 grams in weight. It comes with a bale and is ready to hang on a chain of your choice. The gold chain pictured here is not included but available for purchase through the store.

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