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Victorian Amethyst Cabochon 14K Gold Drop Earrings


These are Victorian amethyst cabochon 14K gold drop earrings with beautiful and highly reflective cabochons. Each earring has two cabochons, the smaller top one measures 5.9 mm in diameter and the bottom larger cabochon measures 8.4 mm in diameter. They are all set in a 14k gold mount with delicate beaded work surrounding each cabochon.

The amethyst is backed in gold giving these earrings a magical glow. They measure 1 1/4” from top to bottom and, together, they weigh 4.3 grams. There is approximately 5 carats of amethyst in both earrings combined.

These reimagined earrings have components that date to the 1890s, offering the charm and craftsmanship from this period of history. They are also contemporary and will fit with today's styles seamlessly.

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