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Victorian 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Diamond Junglefowl Charm


This charming junglefowl wild bird charm is a lovely eye-catching antique. The charm dates to the Victorian era and is made impeccably with a 14 karat gold back, a sterling silver front, 19 rose cut diamonds, with blue enamel for the eye, and red enamel on the bird's head. The wild pheasant is charming and beautifully made, as was most jewelry at the time. The detail is superb, with much care taken on the feet, made of both sterling silver and 14 karat yellow gold. Its the small details like these that make this piece so special. The vibrant diamonds also contrast nicely against the sterling silver body of the bird.

Birds were a popular motif of the Victorian era, and they often symbolized friendship and love. The pheasant specifically has been a symbol of luck for many centuries.

The charm measures 7/8 of an inch tall by approximately 1/2 an inch wide. It is ready to hang on the chain of your choice.

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