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Sterling Silver Vintage Enamel Masonic Pill Box


This is a vintage Masonic pill box, made of sterling silver with an enameled symbol of the Masons on top. The pill box is circular, and measure 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch tall. It opens and closes perfectly, and securely, so you can carry around any small portable items in it. It has a good quality enamel top, a print that features the letter G at the center, alongside the square ruler and the compass that are familiar Masonic symbols. The square is an emblem of virtue in which we must "square our actions by the square of virtue with all mankind". The compasses exemplifies the wisdom of conduct, the strength to "circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds". Together these symbols create peace and harmony. The letter G stands for "God", and it is this figure who is at the center of Freemasonry. The G can also stand for "Great Architect of the Universe", which is a non-denominational reference to God.

The pill box makes a great little conversation piece. This item is in great vintage condition. It is marked with 925 sterling silver at the base. circa 1980.

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