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Ornate Sterling Silver Albertina Watch Chain or Bracelet


The distinctive Albertina Chain is an ornate version of the Albert chain used for fobs and watches. Albert chains were named after Queen Victoria's husband Albert. The Albertina chains were usually much prettier with decorative features and specifically for women. 

This wonderful Albertina chain can be used as a bracelet or a chain extender. It is filled with texture, variation and decorative elements.  Measuring 7 1/4" it features a dog clip at one end and a beautiful series of texture oval links at the other.  The oblong central element has hand engraved floral details with two other matching elements. There is a 2 inch segment with a snake chain sandwiched by rope chains. This Albertina does not disappoint in beauty and variations, a rich chain with so much to look at.

Weighs 12.8 grams, circa 1880.

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