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Sterling Silver Albert Chain Bracelet with Shield Fob

This is a high quality sterling silver watch fob on an albert chain that can be worn as a bracelet. The fob was made by a fantastic silver watch fob maker called William James Dingley. The fob has the hallmarks for WJD, Birmingham 1909. Mr. Dingley was known as a Medallist and in Birmingham, England lived from 1890 - 1951. This fob has not been engraved yet so it could be personalized. The fob part is also double sided and has a lot of room for engraving. The decorative detail work it already has is quite exquisite. It measures 1 x 1.5 inches. The albert chain is also marked sterling, making this a great solid sterling silver bracelet. The fob could also be converted to make a lovely pendant. The bracelet, chain and fob weighs 1.48 troy ounces. It can be worn by both men and women although historically it was only men that wore watch fobs. This British chain is very elegant and measures 9 inches long. It feels great when worn and has a solid weight to it. The clasp is very secure and in perfect working condition. Overall this is an example of is great silver work, especially when one considers its age.

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