Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Signature 9K Gold Masonic Crescent Moon and Star Flower 14K Necklace


This is a very pretty 9 karat yellow gold Masonic crescent moon, star and floral necklace. The design of this crescent moon is similar to the Shriner's emblem, without the sword. This necklace is one of a kind and our signature piece. It is made from a converted pin that dates to the turn of the century. The crescent moon is decorated with flowers and a flowing vine , and at the center, the star of the Mystic Shrine has a white sapphire in the middle. The sun, moon and stars, known in Scripture as the host of heaven are also the back bone of Masonic imagery. These symbols were also very popular during the Victorian era, as they were symbols of the celestial spirits, and also the feminine. The pendant part of this necklace is approximately 1-3/4 by 3/4 inches and weighs 3.3 grams; the back is marked with English Hallmarks for gold standard, the 9 and 375. The piece dates to 1900. The chain that comes with the necklace is 14 karat of yellow gold. It is about 8 inches in length at either end. This chain is marked and has been acid tested to 14 karats of yellow gold. The total weight of the piece is 3.7 grams. 

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