Kirsten's Corner

Signature 18K Gold Etruscan Revival Disc Diamond Earrings


A pair of Etruscan Revival Signature Kirsten's Corner 18 karat yellow gold earring with black enamel, gold wire-work detail and a diamond gemstone.  These immaculate earrings are an original design, made of antique components, which have been carefully hand-crafted into a pierced dangle pair of earrings. They have no marks but have been tested to 18 karats of yellow gold, with wires that are 14 karats of gold. Additionally, the stitch-like gold bead and rope work around the disc shaped earrings is superb! You can see some of the hand-made qualities of these earrings on their backs-they have been hand-drilled and assembled from various parts. A gorgeous collete-set, rose cut diamond is at the center of each earring, creating a central dominant, and orbiting composition of forms. The diamond is colette-set but also in a butter-cup setting, which gives these earrings a special touch. The diamonds are approximately 3.5mm, and so vibrant, raised high as if they were part of a blossoming flower, or mandala. They measure approximately 5/8 inches and together weigh approximately 8.1 grams. 

An unique pair, these antique earrings are one of Kirsten's Corner's favorite signature pair! Perfect addition to an antique collection.

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