Kirsten's Corner

Signature 14K Gold Hook & Victorian Era Coral Bead Necklace


This signature pink coral bead necklace is made from authentic Victorian coral, which most likely came from the Italian mediterranean in the 1880s , and a Kirsten's Corner contemporary 14K gold clasp. This signature designed clasp is composed of a shepherd's hook and a generous triangle bale. These are both 14 karats of yellow gold but remain unmarked. For this piece, Kirsten's Corner has used both antique and contemporary elements to design a unique necklace of bright pink and yellow. The necklace is striking, yet feminine; a truly beautiful piece to admire. The beaded necklace is approximately 64 inches in length and each bead is approximately 5.5mm in size. The coral beads have been hand threaded, with a safety threading knot every 22 beads. This safety knot prevents from all the beads being lost incase the thread is broken or necklace tears. These beads have been newly re-strung with expertise craftsmanship so this is highly unlikely, but a nice feature to have on this necklace or any necklace. The corals are authentic, with a variety of hues of pink. A special one-of-a-kind piece. With so much length this necklace has real versatility! Wonderful addition to any collection!

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