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Roman Style Bronze Evil Eye Ring


This bronze ring features an eye-shaped element, carved with scrolling lines and dots. On the surrounding band, lines have been carved into the side to highlight the ring’s centerpiece. A similar line motif repeats at the base of the ring. The ring is a dark—almost black—shade of forest green, and the band’s interior has oxidization to the metal that adds fascinating coloring to the edges of the band and subtle pitting to the interior. The Evil Eye symbol has been used for thousands of years and in many different cultures for spiritual protection and to ward off evil. 

The ring’s style and design is consistent to that of Ancient Roman rings, and the oxidation on the ring’s interior indicates significant age. Because my speciality is not antiquities, I don’t have the expertise needed to identify the origin of this ring. Although this treasure remains a bit of a mystery, it is a special piece that can be worn as a talisman or for its unique style. 

The ring weighs 7.7 grams. It is a ring size 7.75.

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