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Rock Crystal Deer Antiquity Intaglio Pendant set in 14K Gold


This is a stunning polished rock crystal intaglio pendant, bezel set in 14kt yellow gold. The ancient intaglio was carved by hand and is from Afghanistan during the Sasanian Empire (which ruled from approximately 224 to 651 AD). It bears the image of a deer—likely a Bactrian deer, which is native to northern Afghanistan. Although the Bactrian deer faces extinction, there have been notable efforts made by the World Wide Fund for Nature to preserve and restore these animals. The male Bactrian deer is known for its unique antlers, which are displayed in full within the design of the intaglio.

The polished rock crystal intaglio is in excellent condition for its age. The oval shaped stone has the approximate measurements of 21.80mm by 13.80mm, with an approximate depth of 3.80mm. The polished rock crystal intaglio has an approximate weight of over five carats. The intaglio was bezel set in 14kt gold some time during the 1980s or 1990s. The pendant is marked 14kt on the back of the bail. This piece is ready to hang on the chain of your choice, I also have a number of chains listed that would work well with the piece. The pendant weighs approximately 7.30 grams.

This fantastic pendant would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your jewelry collection!

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